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04 February 2021 | eTwinning

Pupils have been working very hard on various aspects of their eTwinning Project while remote learning.

It has been very busy since Christmas in our eTwinning project. Pupils in 3rd class have been illustrating native flowers from the partner countries, creating calligrams of the flowers and writing cinquains about the flowers. Different pupils were allocated different flowers and the work they produced was fantastic. The class had to choose their favourite calligram, from all that were done and Mrs. Murnane sent a Google Form to the pupils and the staff so they could vote for the favourite. The winning calligram was done by Tara - well done Tara. 

Another aspect of the project was to use the words for shamrock in the languages of the project to create a wordle and Jay kindly volunteered to do this. He did a fantastic job and you can see the results below. Pupils also translated the native flower/plant names into Gaeilge and put these on a board for the other participants to see. 

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