Science Week 2020

16 November 2020

We had a great time for Science Week 2020 in St. Patrick's N.S. 

We really enjoyed Science Week this year in St. Patrick's N.S. All our classes took part and completed an array of different experiments and Science activities. Our pupils loved making a bouncing egg with vinegar, made some raisins dance, completed many activities with bubbles, and made water freeze as well as ice melt in our junior infant class. Our senior classes completed the egg drop challenge where they had to design and make a safe parachute for an egg to land. One parachute completed the task safely. All our other groups are heading back to the planning stage to develop their parachutes. 

It was a great week of hands on Science activities enjoyed by all out pupils and teachers. We love completing STEM activities in St. Patrick's NS. Take a look at some of out photographs below from the week. 

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