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Active Breaks Term 1 2022-2023

28 October 2022 | Physical Activity

All classes have been busy with active breaks since our return to school!

All classes have done a wide variety of active breaks since September. Some classes run around the active walkway, some like doing exercises from our "Active Break Pots" - where a lollipop stick with a number is chosen from one jar and a lollipop listing an activity is chosen from another jar. Online exercises are also used such as from Joe Wicks. 

We have started having an active assembly on Friday mornings where all classes gather in the school yard from ten minutes of activity before we start our work.

6th class have organised yard games for Junior classes at break times.

All classess are also participating in Active Lines when they line up after break-times.

There was also a Hallowe'en disco on Friday 28th, organised by the 6th class for Juniors, Seniors & 1st class. The Active School Committee chose the music for the playlist!

Here we see 5th class enjoying a Math-themed active break!

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