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04 December 2020 | eTwinning

3rd class pupils have been busy creating a logo for their current eTwinning project "Languages United".

Languages United is the current etwinning project in 3rd class and one of the activities for November was to design a logo for the project. Each class had to pick their favourite from their own class and this will then be voted on by all the other pupils from all around Europe. The favourite that our class picked was done by Emma and is on the heading of this article. All logos were excellent and can be seen below. 

Pupils also recorded the Gaeilge version of "Jingle Bells" - "Bualadh Bos" which you can see below and they sent this to the etwinning platform for others to listen to. Our pupils had the opportunity to hear children from the participating classes sing Jingle Bells in their language.

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