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Active School Flag

St. Patrick's N.S. was delighted to be awarded our first Active Schools Flag in January 2020. The Active School Flag (ASF) initiative is a Department of Education and Skills initiative (DES) supported by Healthy Ireland (HI) which aims to get more schools, more active, more often. It is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community.

ASF forms part of the National Physical Activity Plan and the Healthy Ireland vision where everyone can enjoy physical and mental health and well-being to their full potential, and where well-being is valued and supported at every level of society and is everyone’s responsibility.

Over the past 18 months, pupils in our school have taken part in many activities during the school day in order to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Our Active Schools committee, headed up by Mrs. Murnane and Ms. Cussen, met regularly to organise events in the school. So far we have taken part in activities such as Walk a Mile, 10@10, playground games organised by our 6th class, 12 days of Fitmas and running activities during European Sports Week.

We also reviewed our PE plan and have incorporated Fundamental Movement Skills such as running, jumping, catching and throwing into our PE lessons. We have really enjoyed making St. Patrick’s N.S. a more physically active school and we are looking forward to engaging with more activities this year as the pupils return to school. 

Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in the future, we hope to have a day in the to celebrate our achievement and to raise our Active Flag. 

St Patricks National School

St.Patrick's N.S. is a co-educational, Catholic, primary school which strives to provide a well-ordered, caring, happy and secure atmosphere where the intellectual, spiritual, physical, moral and cultural needs of the pupils are identified and addressed.