Parents Association


St. Patrick’s N.S has a very active Parents Association, we work with the Principal, Staff and Board of
Management to build an effective partnership between home and school. All parents or guardians of
a child or children attending St. Patrick’s N.S. National School will be deemed to be members of the
Parents’ Association. Elections to the Association are held at the Annual General Meeting. The
Association is governed by a constitution and is run by its officers.
The Association holds a series of activities during the year to support the school. Some of these are
fundraisers, others are to provide a support to the parent body. The Association is not seen as a
fundraising group but rather as a resource and support with a range of expertise which contributes
to the benefit of the Association and the school.
Proceeds of the fundraising activities of the Parent’s Association during the school year are used to
benefit the pupils in our school. Over recent years the Parent’s Association has contributed to the
installation of a basketball court, purchase of basketball equipment and soccer pitch markings. The
Parent’s Association has also contributed to the cost of literacy and numeracy resources in the
school as well as making a significant contribution towards transport costs for school outings.
In 2023, the St Patrick's N.S. Parents Association contributed €500 to the school which was used to
fund some of the transport costs incurred by the school; such as transport to and from swimming
lessons, class trips and school matches. The school's transport costs has increased significantly over the past two years. The contribution from the Parents Association towards the transport costs benefits all the pupils during the school year.

  • Chairperson- Kathryn Dalton
  • Secretary- Mary Power
  • Treasurer- Joanne Daly

Parents Nominees on Board of Management

  • Joanna Kelleher
  • Cathal O’Regan


Come Join Us

St Patrick's N.S. Parents Association is always looking for new members. Our meetings occur every
two months and members can decide how much time they can offer.
Parental involvement is one of the most significant factors contributing to a child’s success in school.
When parents are involved in the children’s education, the level of student achievement increases.
We look forward to hearing from you with any ideas and suggestions you might have around school
events, activities, fundraising ideas, or parents talks. We value your opinion, so please contact us at
any time via email
The Parents Association wishes to thank all parents, guardians, and the school community for their
continued support. It is a great pleasure to see our children reaping the benefits from new
resources in the school in the knowledge that this is due in part to your generosity in our fundraising
Latest news and events involving the Parents Association can be found on our school newsletters, on
the school social media platforms, the school app and website.


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