Energy & forces: Paper Rockets

09 January 2023 | Science

2nd& 3rd class had great fun making paper rockets

2nd & 3rd class had great fun making a paper rocket on Friday. They wrote the following procedure to show what they did:

Materials: two straws, one wider than the other, masking tape, template for paper rocket X2, scissors, colours.


  1. Colour in and/design paper rockets.
  2. Cut out rocket.
  3. Tape one end of the wider straw with masking tape so that it covers the end.
  4. Place this end onto the back of one of the rockets and tape in place.
  5. Paste the other paper over this rocket so that the straw is now in between the two rocket shapes.
  6. Place the narrow straw into the wider straw.
  7. Hold the rocket by the narrow straw and blow into the narrow straw.
  8. Have fun!

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