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21 March 2022 | Science

Investigating the best growing conditions for plants in 3rd class

On March 21st, after learning about plants' need for light, heat and water as well as learning about soil types, 3rd class carried out an investigation into growing conditions. They set about testing three soil types and various conditions to see which would produce the best plants. There were three soil types -

  1. compost
  2. "good" soil - nice crumbly texture, not too wet, not too dry
  3. clay like soil.

They set out three conditions for each soil type:

  1. dark, with water, room temperature;
  2. sunlight, with water and at room temperature;
  3. sunlight, no water, at room temperature.

Their prediction is that the best conditions will be in compost with sunlight, water and at room temperature...time will tell!

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