Exploring Circuits & Motors

10 May 2021 | Technology

Fun times in 3rd class with their Scribblebot STEAM project

3rd class have spent the last few weeks working on a Scribblebot! Initially they learned about circuits and how they work. They connected batteries to a motor and saw how it is important to connect the wires correctly to get it working. They then included a switch so that they could control when it would work. They were then set a task to design and make a scribblebot that would use the motor to move so that their scribblebot would actually make marks when switched on. They used a variety of materials - all groups got a motor, battery pack with wires, a motor holder, markers and then had access to recyclable materials, tape, scissors etc that they needed. There was a great deal of problem solving along with some scribblebots toppling over on first trial to others not making marks with all of their markers etc. However, there was great success when they got moving and making marks today.

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