Meeting with Italian classes

29 March 2022 | eTwinning

3rd class had a Zoom call with their eTwinning friends in Italy!

Children in 3rd class have been involved in two eTwinning projects this year, one of which is called "European Friends". Before Christmas, they made a short video using Adobe Spark to send Christmas greetings and on the week of March 28th, they had three Zoom calls with three of the Italian classes involved. This was a great opportunity for the children as they got to ask questions about the other children's school day, mask wearing, lunches, school uniform etc and they also had to answer similar questions that the Italian children asked them. They tried a tiny bit of Italian "What is your name?" - "come si chiama?" and they got the Italian children to learn a little bit of Irish "Dia duit!". The Italian class sang a traditional Italian song while they showed a Youtube videos of images from Italy.

During one of the meetings, 3rd class performed the song "I have a dream" and for another meeting, they played Mary Had  A Little Lamb on tin-whistle. They also had great fun playing "Would you rather?" with the Italian children. It was interesting to find out that the Italian children and Irish children chose similar options for the questions!

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